Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blank Timeline 1500-1900

For those of you who would like a simple timeline to keep track of overlapping events in different parts of the world, I've created a document and it can be located here.

It's in PDF format and if you'd like to print it back to back you'll need 5 sheets of paper in all.  I recommend a heavy paper so that you can color and write without worry about bleed-through.

Print pages 1-4, then refeed paged 2,3,4 and print pages 5-8.

To use the timeline, just color in a horizontal row which begins and ends with the corresponding dates for the duration of a lifespan or monarchy, etc. and lable the event directly on the colored segment.  For a single date, mark a symbol on the timeline and write it in the space below the chart.

You can color code the dates on your timeline by region, if you wish.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter 22 - The American Revolution

Narration/Outline/Notebook Page: Link

The American Revolution is a HUGE topic.  Some students will want to delve deeply into this topic. Here is a Yale Free Lecture series course available FREE online:  Yale Course - American Revolution
This course contains video lectures and a link to download all of the course materials. - all free. :)



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